Cum What May Strip & BDSM Park

CUM WHAT MAY STRIP & BDSM PARK is our play area, it’s RLV active so watch out! This is provided freely to the community, you can see the entrance below. There are freebies inside the club, don’t forget to grab them too.

Yes, you may take photos here, please include a link to the SIM.



It’s very important to us that you follow our very simple rules: No child avatars for any reason and Don’t be an ass. Besides that, have fun and enjoy.

We have ad boards visible right from landing and a shopping mall with shops to browse or rent. Feel free to advertise with us, show off your wares or just browse and find all the great deals. We have freebie sections on the sides of our stores to for those who need them. You’ll land right in the middle before making your way to your destination.

You’ll find our bondage play roman play area right through the club, through the side door. A place to go privately or not so privately and use as you see fit. You don’t have to dress any certain way and it’s entirely role play optional. You can roleplay if you want or just make use of it. It’s there for your enjoyment. We’re not a role play area, per se. As you can see below, there’s quite a bit to explore. You’ll find red RLV grabbers all around for your naughtiest pleasures. We even have a dream scene bubble for club group members in this area, choose from multiple skyboxes.


Our Beach is your hedonistic paradise with multiple items for 3 or 4. Tip jars are out by all sex furniture so that you can AFK and log in, no group is required for this. We welcome freelancers.

The Whale Ride




Find it at Bondage Bay



You must be 18 years + or of legal consenting age in your country or state to enter.

You must be at least 30 days old in avatar age to enter this region.

By entering this region, you are agreeing that you meet both requirements and that you will not enter as a child avatar nor take part in age play.

As a DJ, you are agreeing that you work here as a freelance broadcaster with your own stream and may work in other clubs. As a dancer, escort or AFK person, you are agreeing that you are freelance and here by choice. Bondage Bay, House in the Sun and The Collarsseum Club and it’s owner will not be held accountable for what takes place between your avatar and any other avatar nor any agreements you may make. Any and all licensing requirements for the area in which you live and what you participate in within SL must be met by you.

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