My Mirror

As night falls and you lay beside me
in this shared bed
I wonder at how you sink so quickly
into your slumber and wonder if I
may have played some small role
in my service, ever trying
ever falling short in some small way
I curl against my pillow
fending off what seems to be
an army outside our home
but what is really only me
my mind, my thoughts, my insecurities
drowning in an endless tide
holding to one frail hope
trembling against the night
as your arm slides around my waist
I can barely believe that it has chosen me
pulling me to you, placing me upon your chest
even in slumber
tears fall from grateful eyes
as my hair whispers over your flesh
unspoken truths, words I cannot yet speak
safe within your arms

And you guide me to a mirror
that only you can see
and you show to me, through your eyes
what I am, how I am and you speak
softly, your hand upon my chin
Until my eyes close in bliss, serene
quieted and still, lost in brooks and meadows
that never existed before you.

The voices from outside
judging eyes and scowls of disapproval
fall away to nothing
distant memories, not even that
as you step near
my thoughts grow quiet, my cheeks heat
my invisible smile takes form
rooted deep within my heart
my belly aflame, lit by a spark
you planted long ago
like a small child, blooming
within me until I am filled with light
as I gaze upon you
I see only beauty and power
wisdom and love, unlike any I have ever known before
and in your eyes, that light
from which mine was given flight
and I am overwhelmed with need
to kneel before you
to give praise to all that you are
to worship he who saves me
every day
he who feeds me, body and soul
filling my heart and mind
so firm, gently, guiding me ever patiently

forward to the mirror
that I can barely see
showing me, through your eyes
what I can be, how I can reach it and speaking
softly, your hand upon my chin
Until my eyes close, in bliss, serene,
quiet and still, lost in your brooks and meadows
that now exist thanks to you.


This material and writing is copyrighted. Any reproduction of it in part or in it’s entirety without my express permission is prohibited.

Lady Stromfield