10 Worst Pick Up Lines In SL

A list of the 10 worst pick-up lines I’ve seen in SL in my time. Do not use these….

  1. Sex?
  2. Wanna sex wif u?
  3. U R sex on legs
  4. U have great tits
  5. Suck my cock
  6. Fuck me
  7. Come over here
  8. TP me
  9. What you wearing sexy?
  10. Is your Master treat you good?

Ok, so first, never start with letters. U especially. I don’t know about anyone else, but I stare at that U and start tracing it with my eyes, it fascinates me somehow, you could not type two more letters when you were trying to get my attention. Yeh, no.

If you do not know what I’m wearing, you cannot see me, how do you know I’m sexy? Maybe I’m a hag. Please, boy. 5 and 6 just sound like lazy demands, along with 7. Why should I come there, you have not even given me a reason. 8 is just ultimate in lazy, dude…you cannot even walk your ass to me in a digital world? Oh, hell no.

U have great…insert body part….thanks, bought it myself. >> Seriously? Come on. and number 10, oh shit, boy, seriously? If he wasn’t, would I be with him? You think I just go around submitting to anyone for the hell of it? Is that what you think of me? Oh child, I have such things to show you but I ain’t gonna because my Master would have my ass…so, yeh, I’m just gonna sit here gritting my teeth at you until I can’t hold back no more, then I’m bout to hurt to your damn feelings.

Please, men, try a little harder. These lines are not working for you. A failure rate higher than one of five means you need serious work in the communication department. Effort counts. I’ll still say no because I’m very restricted and taken, but hell, the other girls and men deserve a little better than that, ok?