Events that are certain to make you smile, laugh and dance starting right now. Blow up your Sunday!

Sunday DJ Schedule – All times listed in SLT / PST

DJ Dr. Donut 10 AM -12 PM — Host: Caitlynn

Hi there! My name is Doc, and I am a Half-Elf. I don’t bite (too hard), so don’t be afraid to say hello! I play mainly 80s and 90s music.
I enjoy photography and modeling in SL, building and scripting, dancing and Hosting, and love meeting new people, so please join us and come on down to see some of our great shows – let’s party and have some fun together! ^.^
Please enjoy, and I hope you have a wonderful Second Life! =)

DJ Beth 12-2 — Host Wyn

DJ Beth has run two clubs in Second Life and consulted on another. She has DJ’d at her own clubs as well as Heroes, a club that at one time was a leading club.
She has helped a number of DJ’s and Hosts learn their trade and is always happy to provide any feedback.
Her sets are always fun and exciting, her knowledge of music helping her put together epic sets.

DJ Ana 2-4 — Host Sneak

I love to play all kinds of music ranging from country to rap, rock & hip hop. I also take requests. As well, when it comes to bdsm, I’m a bratty sub as you call it. My favorite colors are purple and black and I look forward to working with all y’all.

DJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

♫♪ The Music Maestro’s ♪♫
Music MadNess Show ~ with ♫♪DJ Masters♪♫
When * 4-6pm slt
What * Spring Break MadNess “Best in White” Contest
Your Host * Cait
Where * Collarsseum Club
Grand Prize = A Windmaster White BDSM Couch.
Sponsored by Windmaster Productions

DJ Masters plays R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Romantic and mixed genre depending on the day and his current mood. He loves running contests and his favorites by far are the Superheroes & Villains contests and the pool parties. DJ Masters is a huge Superhero fan and knows far too much about superheroes in general. He loves interacting with our guests and often attends different parties at the club.