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These cute kittens are chasing each other, playing and romping about. If you like our videos, please hit that like button and subscribe. Watching cute animals can help reduce your stress (up to 50%) and anxiety, it actually improves our mental and physical health. Besides, they are cute cats. 🙂 If you like our videos, please hit that like button and subscribe. This is Cu and Orion’s page. They are brothers and are 5 months old as of November 2021. Orion is an orange tabby and Cu is a black tabby with ghostly markings. Orion has gold eyes while Cu has green eyes. Cu was the runt of his litter. Cu was named by our son. He is named after Cú Chulainn. They are our babies. Orion kitten has a more independent personality than Cu. He is also about twice his size. He is more affectionate with men than women. Cu is a Momma’s boy. He loves to cuddle for hours, loves being held, and mewls to get picked up. Orion will not stay put as long as Cu will. They both yowl outside of closed doors like the world is ending only to walk away like nothing happened once the door is open. They definitely have their own little kitten personalities. Cu kitty is a copycat and copies his brother too a lot of the time.

Videos are taken with a Samsung Galaxy A 10 E or a Sony DSC – H300 Cybershot

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