General Rules

We like to keep to keep our rules very simple, we subscribe to the KISS method of running things.

  1. We are all here for fun and kittycats, not negativity. It’s natural that we all have opinions but if they are negative, let’s save them for when we are not in a public place. Auctions are not a platform for opinions.

2. Harassment of any kind is not permitted and results in an instant ban. If you harass others publicly or by im, you will not be welcome here. It is common sense.

3. Harassments based on race, color, creed, gender, identity, or anything of this sort is strictly prohibited. You are not supposed to be here to play judge, let’s keep things fun.

4. Any attempt to block stores of others with prims or anything else, any attempt to disrupt an auction, will be dealt with swiftly.

5. Follow mature guidelines on this sim.

All of our rules come down to one simple statement. Do not be an asshole. It’s not hard to be pleasant while you are here. We really just want to have fun and meet you. Please, help us keep our auctions fun. Tell us if you are having issues so we can help. Let’s have a great time and sell/ buy/trade and love our kittycats. 🙂 If we can make more friends along the way, that is even better!

Kids are allowed, child avatars are allowed, furries are allowed, everyone is fully welcome. Please keep avatars human sized so we can see the kitties. 😛

We hope we will see you soon.