The Beast – DJ Luana



Saturday 10 am – Noon SLT

DJ Luana formerly known as DJ Dream (but others are using this name) is playing that music that reaches into your soul and rips out your still pumping heart. Luana is a writer, poet, creator and just loves to create everything and anything. She has always loved music in all of its forms and states that it is a higher form of communication because it can carry thought and emotion in a way that mere words cannot. 


She plays Rock, Metal, MetalStep and anything else with a beat that strikes her fancy, mixing it live. She often mashes up  vocals and instrumentals to different songs and mixes in everything from house to trance to electronic. She loves that bass. During her sets, she cannot see ims or local chat.

DJ Luana played WOW for about a decade, roleplayed in Gor for a few decades, and got her start in gaming with the original games like D&D, T&T, and Diablo. She was a headbanger and a punk in the ’80s. She says she was always a “closet geek”. She was also known as the Lady Pandora in the showcase series Kink.

DJ Luana is a very adult-focused DJ, the censors would hate her. She loves to interact with her guests and do gift card giveaways. She is the creator for House in the Sun custom mesh, the region manager and the executive manager of the club. She chose the name “the beast” as a playful reference to the fact that slaves are often called beasts in Gorean roleplay, where she spent a great deal of time before being collared by John0than Masters. DJ Luana also dances at the club during DJ Masters sets.


A few of her favorite tunes:

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